Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Rip-Roarin' Rockin' Blues at the Red Lion

The gig was on a Thurday night - in Norton, Teesside.  The rain drizzled down on the Red Lion as we approached the car park.  Oh, dear, this is going to be a dreary night, I thought.  And then, at 9 o'clock, the lights dimmed and the Boneshakers roared onto the stage with 'Rock Me Baby', a traditional blues number - and they weren't pussyfooting around, let me tell you!

 You can see video footage of 'Rock Me Baby' if you join 'The Boneshakers' on their Facebook page.  And there are links to You-Tube footage of some of their other numbers AND links to gig photographs on their page too.  The Boneshakers would love to have you visit them.
Roarin' at the Red Lion

They are amazing, this Roadhouse Blues 4-man outfit, who have only been together since last December.  That's only seven months to become the accomplished band they are - and to become arguably the best blues band in the whole of the North East of England.

Grrrr - Russ!

Russ had his claws out tonight, growling through 'How Blue Can you Get', playing some of the most memorable blues interludes on his Stratocaster and his Les Paul guitars - with his name emblazoned on the strap.
Dave, glaring and staring...
 Dave glared with a menacing wild-cat stare, at the appreciative audience, as he played an amazing, unforgettable bass solo on his bass guitar in 'Messing With The Kid' - that Fender just purred and purred.

Ronnie pounced like a leopard on the crowd with the most versatile blues interludes I can ever remember.  If you weren't there, you missed out, because - WOW - and on 'Long Gone' he was outstanding - the cat's whiskers!
Ronnie pounces with that blues harp
 Gordon's no pussycat, either.  He leaped into 'Dust My Broom' with the verve of a panther after its prey, with rolls and accents to make your mind blow!

Gordon - the verve of a panther!

They rocked, those fabulous Boneshakers!  The crowd howled for more after the boys had finished their second stupendous set - and they screamed till they got one more!
Roarin' at the Red Lion

The Boneshakers have a huge following in the North East these days, and so, by popular demand, they have cut their first CD.  It'll be out soon, so WATCH THIS SPACE: it's a ten-track extravaganza - with guest artists, Mitch Laddie, Lyndon Anderson, Micky Crystal and Phil Martin, making an appearance on several of the tracks.

The Grr-eat Red Lion
The GRRRRRrreat staff of the Red Lion deserve a vote of thanks, for being such grand hosts to the BONESHAKERS.

As the boys packed up, sweating and panting still after such a successful gig, Ronnie, their fearless leader, said: "This was really enjoyable.  We'll play here again, for sure."

Gordon said: "Me bloody feet are killin' me after this!"   

Dave said, "Brilliant gig: hope it's stopped pissing down out there!" 

And Russ said, "Great night!  Ta-ra - I'm off to Benidorm for me hols now."

Catch The Boneshakers next gig - by going to 'FORTHCOMING GIGS' on this 'rockinwiththeboneshakers' blog. CHECK IT OUT!   

Join the band here too, by clicking on 'Join this Site' - and Google will connect you.

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