Monday, 12 September 2011

Stonkin'! Stupendous! Tremendous!

Shake them Bones

All set for a Boneshakin' CD Launch at the Tyne Bar

Sunday 11 September was a big day in the calender of the fabulous Boneshakers.  This was the day when they were due to play a gig at one of their favourite venues, the Tyne Bar in Newcastle.  Not only that - this Sunday afternoon was the day their brand new 10 track CD, 
SHAKEN AND STIRRED, was to be launched.

It had been a nail-biting, nervy morning for the guys.  They were all buzzing with excitement and anticipation as they arrived at the Tyne Bar.
 Russ Hird (Vocals and Guitar) said "Woo-hoo, I'm definitely up for it."
Russ Sings the Blues

Ronnie Semple (Blues Harp and Backing Vocals) said, "Well, this is it, guys.  This is what we worked so hard for.  Let's do it."
Ronnie in the Zone

 Dave Hildreth (Bass Guitar) said, "I felt sick all morning.  But now I'm here and the crowd's building up, I'm feelin' alright."
Watch out Dave - it's behind you!

Gordon Smiles (Drums) said, "I've been on the Lucozade all morning! Calm me nerves. I reckon it's gonna be one brilliant afternoon."
Gordon - in drummin' heaven

"What a great Turn Out."

It was too cold and windy to play on the open-air stage, so the lads set up their gear on the stage in the bar, making sure their mascot skeleton 'boneshakers' were well-placed.  The sound check wasn't an easy task because followers and friends of the Boneshakers had already filled the indoor bar to capacity and they were spilling out into the beer garden toward the Glasshouse bridge.

 "YES!" said Ronnie, the leader of the band, "What a great turn out!"

Dancing on the Tables - Singing on the Chairs

And it was.  From the first blues note the Boneshakers played, the fans were hanging from the rafters, standing on tables and benches to get a better view of this great band they'd come to see.  Comments like 'awesome', 'where do I go to get a copy of the CD?' and 'brilliant - just brilliant' hung in the air.  Whistles and cheers came from every corner of the room.  People danced in the square inch of space they were afforded.  They were jiving and rock 'n' rollin' in the beer garden as they listened to the amazing sounds emanating from the little stage in the Tyne Bar.

The Boneshakers were having the time of their lives.  It seemed to me that this was the point at which the Boneshakers became a legend on the blues scene in the North East.
The Boneshakers with Micky Crystal
The atmosphere was electric as they played their first number, blues favourite, Dust my Broom, then they invited guest guitarist, the inimitable Micky Crystal (who plays on several tracks of SHAKEN AND SITRRED) to join them on stage.  Micky always makes a great addition to the foursome and today, he was simply amazing.

Russ's big brother, Robin, took to the stage with the boys in the second set, for a superb rendition of Need Your Love So Bad - and all-time favourite guest harpist, Stephen Brown, was in his element when he joined in, going head to head with Ronnie, in 'Help Me' and 'Hip Shake'.

I don't need to tell you about the extraordinary performance of the Boneshakers.  Their reputation as talented musicians goes before them - and you can see and hear for yourselves some of the numbers from this performance.

 Go to the following You Tube links for:





In an encore that was screamed for like these guys were seriously famous, 'Shake your Money Maker' had everybody rockin' their socks off.  And if the Boneshakers aren't yet seriously famous, they should be!


During the interval between the first and second sets, the crowd got what they were promised: the talents of Ronnie, Russ, Dave, Gordon - and their accomplished guest musicians - on CD.  Denice (Ronnie's partner, Boneshaker fanatic and Roadie Extraordinaire) set up at the side of the stage, wearing THE most unbelievable, Boneshakin' jacket and Boneshakin' high-heeled boots, to sell her wares.
Within minutes, people were grabbing their copies of SHAKEN AND SITRRED and taking the 8-page booklets to be autographed.

Well, this was the Boneshakers very first CD launch.  It was a huge success.  And I don't think for one minute it'll be the last.  The Boneshakers are reaching for the sky - and they're way above the clouds already! They're STONKIN'!  STUPENDOUS!  TREMENDOUS!

...a music review of the Boneshakers' CD, SHAKEN AND SITRRED, Mitch Laddie on guitar, Lyndon Anderson on blues harp, Phil Martin on slide guitar - and of course, the sounds of Micky Crystal's haunting Stratocaster.

...Darlington Blues Festival is the next venue, next weekend, for the fabulous Boneshakers.  Check out the Boneshakers Facebook Page - 'The Boneshakers'.

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