Saturday, 8 October 2011

Lighting the Fuse at Blyth Blues

The Boneshakers in Action with Guest Star Micky Crystal
Shake them Bones
Blyth Blues Club was the venue.  They'd been sought after by the manager of this fine establishment to play here for the very first time. It's always an exciting time for the Boneshakers to be playing a real blues venue at a Blues Club or Festival.  And they stepped up to the plate in real style.  The audience were discerning blues fans - and, like I said, the Boneshakers appreciate a knowledgeable crowd.
Some musician friends of the Boneshakers turned up to enjoy the show - most of them from the Saints of Arcadia - Nick 'Saints of Arcadia' Jennison, whose vocals and guitar astound in Dave Hildreth's Gatecrashers, among them.

Micky and Sarah
Sarah, guest star Micky Crystal's girlfriend, was in the audience too.  Lovely to meet you, Sarah.

Micky's dad was there too.

It wasn't a packed house - only because England were playing one of their World Cup qualifyers (they won, by the way, despite our Scottish friend and leader, Ronnie Semple's evil eye!)

Boneshakers Pose for a Pic

And so, with their new PA system all plugged in and ready, lights ablaze and flashing with professional aplomb - and the smoke machine set on timer - the fabulous Boneshakers were GO!

They had the crowd in the palm of their hands from the off, playing the most sensational version of 'How Blue Can You Get' I've ever heard.

And in 'Messing with the Kid', every one of the bands solo performances was outstanding.

Their finale pieces, 'Hip Shake' and 'Shake Your Money-Maker', were out of this world, with amazing head-to-heads among Russ, Ronnie and Micky.

I know I keep saying it, but this band just gets better and better.  And their CD, Shaken and Stirred, is selling like hot cakes.  Get your copy, fans, before they all go!

Ronnie Semple - sans SHIRT

At the end of the night, Ronnie Semple (leader, blues harp and backing vocals) said "I forgot to bring my shirt."

Russ Hird (vocals and guitar) said, "Must go now - it's past my bed time!"
Russ - Way Past his Bedtime.  Dave - enjoying the Crowd

 Dave Hildreth (bass guitar) said, "It was good to see Nick and the lads make the effort to come support us."

Micky in Catalogue Pose with Nick

Micky was keen to do a catalogue pose with Nick 'Saints of Arcadia' Jennison!

Gordon's  daughter will be at the Sand Dancer  gig

And Gordon Smiles (drums) said, "My daughter's home from York Uni and she'll be there tomorrow night at the Sand Dancer."

It should be a full house, raising the rafters, at the Sand Dancer, South Shields, tomorrow night.  Hope you have a ball guys.

Those fantastic Boneshakers sure lit the fuse tonight at Blyth Blues Club. 
They were EXPLOSIVE!

There's excellent video footage of this brilliant gig.  There'll be links posted just as soon as they're on You-Tube.  SO WATCH THIS SPACE, folks.


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