Saturday, 7 January 2012

A Christmas Cracker of a Boneshakin' Gig

The Tyne Bar was chock-a-block with festive Boneshakin' Boxing Day revellers dressed in Christmas glitz and glitter.

Full of turkey dinners and Christmas pud, the audience was filled to bursting with high spirits (mostly whiskey and brandy!) and ready for an afternoon of Boneshakin' Rock and Blues. And they got it. Oh yes they did!

What this audience got exactly, was a barrel full of glorious Christmas fun and brilliant entertainment from the Fab Four Boneshakers - Ronnie, Russ, Dave and Gordon.

Making a truly festive start to the first set, Russ Hird (lead guitar and vocals) set the stage alight with an Elvis Christmas rock number, 'Santa Claus is Back in Town', dressed in a Santa hat, black-as-silent-night sunglasses, a glittering gold tinsel garland and a scarlet shirt. Swaying in typical Elvis fashion, he roared and riffed his way through a medley of Christmas songs.




After that, it was back to the blues for the Boneshakers - with the crowd yelling, hooting and whistling their appreciation of arguably the best blues band in the whole of the North East of England.  The Boneshakers devotees are growing into a sizeable bunch of fans who attend every Boneshaker gig.

And the Boneshakers gig a lot, being so very much in demand at the North East's pubs, clubs and festivals.

There were many, many musicians in the audience too.  And in typical Boneshakers' style of camerarderie, they invited Ron Seymour (guitarist and vocalist) of Lounge Lizards fame and Terry Armstrong (blues harp) up onto the stage.  Ronnie and Russ left the stage, leaving Dave Hildreth (bass guitar) and Gordon Smiles (Drums) to command the rhythm section during a great blues number, 'Need Your Love So Bad'.  It just shows you that Dave and Gordon have the outstanding versatility to play and jam with just about any musician out there.  Great stuff, you two!!  And great stuff Ron and Terry. What a treat.

Steve Brown (blues harp and avid Boneshakers' fan) was also in the audience on this Christmastime occasion.   He joined the band to go head to head with the amazing Ronnie Semple (Boneshakers' founder, leader and blues harp player) in a brilliant rendition of 'Help Me.'  He also took the stage with the Boneshakers to join in with the inimitable style of the Boneshakers in their take on 'Hip Shake' - now a Boneshaker fans' firm favourite.
In an encore that included 'Shake Your Money Maker', the crowd just couldn't get enough.  The Boneshakers would still be playing now if the fans had had their way!

The Boneshakers First Ever Gig at the Tyne Bar, Boxing Day 2010
During the superb gig at the Tyne Bar at Ouseburn, just beside the famous Ouseburn Lock, Fred Plater's staff were their usual helpful, friendly selves.  Gigs are always special at the Tyne bar for the Boneshakers.

It brings to mind the band's first ever gig, last Boxing Day at the Tyne Bar, when the Boneshakers were a newborn blues and rock band.  Nowadays, Fred Plater, the owner of the Tyne Bar, advertises the Boneshakers' as a showband.  And they deserve that accolade.

Happy New 2012, Boneshakers.  You've come a long way in 2011.  I wonder what this author/blogger will have to say about this superb band this time NEXT year!  It's a mind-blowing thought!

Boneshakers' Boxing Day Shindig You-Tube Links:

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