Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Whippin' Up the Best - the Wildest - Boneshakin' Tornado of Talent at Stormin' the Castle



They started their Boneshakin' RIPPER of a gigging day at the Twisted Sprocketts Bike Rally at Boldon, taking first band spot to start off this brand new venue for the bike club.

The Boneshakers were up to their usual creative and unique standards, getting the ball rolling with a great big bang and building up the momentum for whipping up a "STORMIN'" tornado, looking forward to headlining at the Iris Tent at arguably the biggest, most prestigious rock and blues biker festival in the whole of the North East of England - STORMIN' THE CASTLE.

After an hour and a half of superb Boneshakers tracks (with material from their 1st and 2nd albums), the band packed up and set off for Witton Castle, Bishop Auckland, for STORMIN' THE CASTLE.


Even the ducks wended their way to Witton Castle!


Ronnie - Warmin' to Stormin' !!

The boys arrived at a mud-packed, sludge-mounded Stormin', all set and ready to go, plodging in their wellies to catch up and say hello to Boneshakers fans, friends and fellow musicians.


The Boneshakers took in the bright lights of the Big Tent as it swayed to the fantastic sounds of the Sleaze Sisters - and the buzz of the Iris Tent rocking to the sound of the amazing Brown Bottle Band, waiting ... waiting ... to take the stage as the headlining Iris Tent band.  What an accolade!


...and then they were ON - setting the STORMIN' scene with 'Party Right Here' and 'Dust My Broom', building up by crescendo after crescendo into an unbelieveable blues/rock fest like no other I've ever seen.

The crowd were in great form, shouting, whistling and hollering their appreciation for the fabulous Boneshakers.

Ronnie (blues harp and backing vocals) played a harp blinder tonight.  I've never heard so many whistles of love and awe from the audience at a gig.

Russ (lead guitar and vocals) was on fire with licks and riffs that were clear and crisp ... down and dirty.

Dave's (bass guitar) fingers were a blur as they whizzed up and down the bass neck, throwing in crazy jazz harmonics just for fun. WOW!

Gordon (drums) hit that kit like his life depended on it.  He was a marvel tonight and the crowd screamed their throats raw.

Nick (Right) Waiting in the Wings
Later on in the Boneshakers superlative performance, they invited Nick Jennison on stage to take the vocals on 'Red House'.  And he aced it.  Nick, of Saints of Arcadia, Against the Grain and the Gatecrashers (Boneshaker, Dave Hildreth plays bass with the fantastic Gatecrashers too) - showed his prowess in connecting with an audience like no other performer I've ever seen.

The Gatecrashers had been live in the Big Tent the night before - and Nick couldn't wait to join Dave and the others, performing in the Iris Tent.

Here's the link to the video.


The Boneshakers last number, old favourite, 'Hip Shake' caused a tumultuous roar from the crowd, packed like sardines in the tent - and the lads were asked, after an amazing ovation, to come back and entertain their audience some more.  They STORMED THE CASTLE  with 'Shake Your Money Maker' - and then they invited a whole host of musicians to join in the fun with 'Johnny B Good'.
What a remarkable ending to a truly sensational festival.

Keep on ROCKIN', Boneshakers.  Take a bow!

 Just so's you know, the Boneshakers' 2nd album, 'This is how we ROLL!' was launched at STORMIN' THE CASTLE and is available to buy at their next gig - and the one after that!  Check out their forthcoming gigs on this 'ROCKIN' WITH THE BONESHAKERS blog.

Or you could get in touch with Ronnie Semple, the band's leader, on Facebook.  Go to THE BONESHAKERS Facebook page, press 'like' and leave a message for Ronnie.  There's a package deal on offer too, for both the 1st and 2nd albums.  Enjoy!  They're both brilliant and exciting albums.

Check out the links below for more superb video footage of the Boneshakers LIVE at  

Messin' with the Kid

Party's Right Here/Dust My Broom

Shake your Money Maker

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