Thursday, 21 April 2011

'Blues' Skies over the Tyne

The fans were out in force, drinking their pints and pina colada's (!!) outside the Tyne pub on a sunny blue-skied evening. 
The Boneshakers arrived in time to show their support for Archie and the Young Bucks, who played just before the boys were due on stage.


To a backdrop of the flowing river Tyne at  local beauty-spot, Ousburn, underneath a red brick arch, the Boneshakers took to the open air stage and WOWED their audience.
The crowd went crazy, dancing in the aisles, while Russ Hird (vocals and lead guitar), Ronnie Semple (blues harp and vocals), Dave Hildreth (bass guitar) and Barry Ellis (drums) played their hearts out and sang the blues in a sensational performance.
This was Barry Ellis's 'swan song' - and what better send-off than a gig he's always dreamed of: THE TYNE BAR. And he played the best bluesy skins I've ever heard him play.  He grinned like the proverbial Cheshire Cat from the beginning of the evening to the end of the night.

The band payed homage to Barry on stage during his final performance and thanked him for being such a great stand-in drummer.
At the end of a sunny, 'blues'-skied evening, when the guys were packing up, getting ready for the off, Russ said, "It's been an absolute pleasure to work with Barry.  It's been a great day.  Now I'm off home for a vodka!"

Ronnie said: "I agree: Barry's been a great stand-in drummer. And what a great gig the Tyne Bar is. It's good that Barry got to play here. I've had a great day.  Now where's Denice?  I need to get packed up and get away." 

Yeah, the Boneshakers could almost call this venue 'home', with a gig last Boxing Day, one this evening - and the next one coming up in September.With a merry flush in his cheeks as he stripped down his kit at the end of a glorious gig, Barry grinned and said:
"That was great.  I finally got to do the Tyne at the end of my stint with the Boneshakers."

Dave winked after shaking Barry's hand, saying:
"Today, I think we've made a little boy very happy!  Now I'm off for me curry supper and a glass o' red."

The Boneshakers set sail on a blues barge of classic blues numbers like Pride and Joy, Dust my Broom and How Blue Can you Get, anchoring after a hour of tight and light, down and dirty, in a superb finale of Shake your Hips. Oh, man, these boys were on fire this evening as the sun went down, creating a river haze that added to the atmosphere of great music and a charismatic performance from the fantastic Boneshakers.
And to add an extra dimension to the stage, Stevie, an up-and-coming young local blues harp player - often in the crowd at a Boneshakers gig - pushed the boat out with the lads in a rip roaring rendition of 'Shotgun Blues' to tumultuous applause. Great stuff, Stevie.
There was a sense of excitement in the audience, a bit of magic in the air, as the crowd went bonkers for the blues band that are by far the best in the North East. 

There were even some members of the illustrious Scoundrels here in support of the guys.  And they were lovin' it too!
The Boneshakers are back at the Tyne Bar in September.  You just gotta catch them next time their boat comes in on the Tyne in awesome Ouseburn.


And then there were three...
But next time you see the Boneshakers, they'll be four again - with their new drummer, Gordon Smiles, who's already dipped his toes in the water with them at The Flat Tops, Boldon Colliery.

But in the meantime, farewell Barry Ellis, WE LOVE YOU!


  1. What a great way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon.

  2. Brilliant gig. The sun was out. The crowd were lovin it. The band were cookin from the very first bar right to the end. There's no better a venue than The Tyne and this gig was just a complete joy!!! :-)