Monday, 9 May 2011

A Boneshakin' Sanddancin' Bank Holiday Blast!

After a balmy May Day afternoon, the evening wind whipped the sky into swirls of pink, blue and grey.
"It's bloody freezing," said Dave (bass guitar).  And how right he was.

 The Sanddancer on the South Shields coast shook with the vibrations of guitars, basses and drums in the beer tent and the Boneshakers were ready to set the place alight.
"Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside," quipped Russ (lead guitar and vocals) as the lads watched the Maverick Rejects do a plucky punk set on the makeshift stage inside the beer tent - set up especially for a night of Bank Holiday entertainment.

And once the Mavericks had left the stage, it was time for the Boneshakers to do their 45 minute magic blues mix at the 'Sanddancer Bank Holiday Bonanza'.

From the second they struck a chord, the Boneshakers had the crowd in the palm of their collective hand.  Starting with a soulful rendition of Dust my Broom, they carried straight on through Pride and Joy.  Their audience screamed and whistled with sheer appreciation of Russ's bluesy vocals; the clarity of his wild guitar interludes; the strength and musicality of Ronnie's blues harp; the deep resonance and sweet harmonics of Dave's bass guitar; the perfect beat and timing of Gordon's drums.

And with a swish of Gordon's brushes, they moved onward through an amazing version of Long Gone to a fantastic finale of Messing with the Kid.
The crowd yelled for more, more, more - but this time, with strict 45 minute sets for each of the bands playing, the Boneshakers had to wave a fond farewell to their hundreds of ardent fans.  I reckon the Boneshakers collected a stack of new fans too on this Bank Holiday evening at the Sanddancer.

"This is a perfect end to a perfect Bank Holiday weekend," said Ronnie (blues harp and vocals), arms around one of the members of 'Bessie and the Zinc Buckets', (centre) the great local band appearing on stage after the fabulous Boneshakers - and Les Routledge (right), the organiser of the Rock 4 All Festival.

Gordon (drums), chuffed to bits to have his first gig under his belt as a bone fide member of the Boneshakers, said, "Hey, this blues malarkey may just catch on....I'll get my coat..."

The Boneshakers are back in action at the Sanddancer on Saturday 14th May - but if you check out their
on this blog can catch the brilliant Boneshakers SOON - at a venue near you!

You can  see the Boneshakers in action, if you follow the links below:

Long Gone

Dust my Broom/Pride & Joy

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