Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Boneshakers Rockin' 4 Tilly at Rock 4 All


They came from far and wide to Gosforth Civic Hall to see the best bands from the North East - and to support a charity gig to raise money for little Tilly, who lost her hands to the killer bug, meningitis.
Brave little Tilly's dad was there over this 3-day extravaganza to offer his thanks to all those who attended - and to answer questions about how meningitis took its toll when his lovely daughter became the victim of such a terrible disease.  Funds were being raised to help Tilly to obtain a pair of prosthetic hands.  GOOD LUCK TILLY, YOU'RE A BRAVE GIRL.

It was Saturday night and Les Routledge, the organiser of Rock 4 All and MC for the night, took the stage to introduce arguably the best blues band in the North East of England.

"And now, 4 great guys - 4 very good friends of mine -

The crowd erupted with tumultuous applause for these four talented lads.  The stage went black, the backdrop spangled with myriad stars - and a haunting blues melody floated out from the wide etherand into the room. 

The crowd hushed with anticipation.  Shadows of Gordon flitted through the gloom as he took his place at the drums; an ethereal image of Dave emerged with his bass guitar; a glimmer of Ronnie tip-toed its way to the microphone - as the sounds of Russ's Stratocaster built up to an amazing blues crescendo.

Then the lights went up as Russ ran on stage - and the crowd went wild with delight. The band went headlong into Dust My Broom; the jet-black backdrop glittered; the Boneshakers threw magic dust into their audience's gleaming eyes: Russ let it rip on vocals.

Oh, what a night!  I've never seen an entrance like that since I saw YES explode onto the stage to music from the Firebird Suite in the 1970's!

And you can see the Boneshakers' grand entrance at Rock 4 All with great arrangements of Dust My Broom and Pride and Joy if you follow this link:
Russ Rockin' his Rock-n-Rollin' Socks Off
Daring Dave's Dazzling Display on Bass
Relentless Ronnie on Hair-Raising Harp
Go-For-It Gordon on Gripping Drums
 This was a special night for Tilly and her family, a successful night for organiser Les Routledge - and a SENSATIONAL NIGHT for the amazing BONESHAKERS.  
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  1. Great share, thanks. Gotta catch these guys soon

  2. Missed this gig as I was at a wedding but you're blog gives us a real feel for the atmosphere. I'll have to get to another boneshakers gig sometime soon.

  3. The Boneshakers certainly are a hard-workin', rootin'-tootin', all-guns-a-shootin' band!!

    But I keep missing them! Maybe next time...!