Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Causeway - Doorway to a Boneshakin' Blues Day

 The Boneshakers came out to play in Hartlepool on a cold, windy Sunday Afternoon.  The venue was The Causeway, a great little pub with a music-loving audience.

Straight from the off, Russ (lead guitar and vocals) Ronnie (blues harp and backing vocals) Dave (Bass Guitar) and Gordon (drums) were on fire - and so were the crowd, whooping and whistling their appreciation of a blues harp solo, a lead guitar interlude, a bass solo or a drum fill.

The Boneshakers renditions of Dust my Broom, Pride and Joy, How Blue Can you Get - AND MORE - were second to none, with variations to the original artists' versions like you've never heard before.  These boys really know how to play the blues, putting their own inimitable slants on old blues favourites.
Ronnie's little green Boneshaker mascot waved madly to an audience who danced the afternoon away to the crystal clear, rich sounds that were a blues-lovers dream-come-true.
You just gotta LOVE this talented, innovative blues band

In the audience to cheer on the Boneshakers were all of the members of the Taylor Dixon Band.  The Boneshakers invited the guys up on stage and jammed with them to some Taylor Dixon blues favourites.
By the end of the gig, the crowd were dancing their hearts out, clapping their hands and roaring for more of the Boneshakers -
- so they gave the crowd a real treat and jammed again with the Taylor Dixon guys to a Boneshakers' brilliant rendition of 'Hip Shaker'.  And I gotta say that the Rolling Stones' version paled into insignificance in comparison.Check it out for yourselves!!

and you catch more of the BONESHAKERS renditions with these links to Youtube: Long Train Running Shotgun Blues

Ronnie ended a great afternoon by telling the crowd, I'LL BE BACK!!
Russ said, IT JUST GETS BETTER AND BETTER.  You're right Russ - the Boneshakers really do get BETTER AND BETTER
Gordon stepped down from the stage saying, I'M SWEATIN' LIKE A BULLAnd Dave, when leaving in the car said, HOW THE HELL DO I GET BACK TO TYNESIDE FROM HERE - BLIMEY, IT'S LIKE THE ANIMALS SONG 'WE GOTTA GET OUTTA THIS PLACE'

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