Thursday, 17 May 2012

Boneshakers Trail-Blaze on Chariots of Fire at Ben Hur Biker Rally

 It was blowing a windstorm and pouring with rain when I set off to catch the BONESHAKERS at the Ben Hur Biker Rally.

And arriving at the field where the top of the marquee wafted in the gusts and rain collected in the hood of my windblown kagool, I was plodging in a mud bath in no time at all!

You'd think the brave admirers of the BONESHAKERS would be a miserable bunch this evening - but they were up for it alright!  The storm didn't stop them from partying - not one little bit.  Dressed in bikers' leathers, combats and kilts: wearing Ben Hur helmets, cowboy hats, tam o'shanters and silly hats topped off with pink fluffy hair or goldie-locks plaits, the crowd were having the time of their lives.

They even danced during the sound check, armed with bottles of beer or cans of lager in that fabulous marquee set up with a huge PA, lights and lasers.

Couragous Glaswegian, Ronnie Semple (blues harp and backing vocals) and his girlfriend, Denice, had their tent up among the biker entourage of camping merry-makers. Good luck to them!

They were going to be camping in the mud and sludge all weekend to do a bit of partying, catch up with the rest of the bands playing non-stop throughout Friday and Saturday nights and eat burgers and chips from the stalls around the site.

Gordon (drums) and Dave (Bass Guitar) heaved their gear into the band tent next to the marquee, laughing at the mud-stains on their jeans that splashed right up to their knees.

Russ (lead guitar and vocals) wasn't impressed with the weather at all!  But once he got into that marquee with the rest of the lads, setting up their gear and getting the sound check done - he was raring to go.  And GO he did.  The green light was on for a fabulous hour and a quarter of the amazing BONESHAKERS.

The first band on for the Ben Hur Biker Rally, the BONESHAKERS weren't expecting their audience to be particularly receptive.  They hoped that just to 'warm up' the crowd would be the 'job done'.

But the crowd went crazy., rockin' and rollin', jivin', jitterbuggin' and headbangin' their hearts out. 

 From the very first strains of Russ's intro to Dust my Broom, through an amazing rock and blues gig, to their famous 'Hip Shake' finale, drums pounding, harp blazing, guitar and bass riffin' and a'lickin', the atmosphere was electric.

What a great start to the Ben Hur Biker Rally.  The boys will be back here next year, I've heard - performing on the final night of the Rally.

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Walkin' By Myself

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