Friday, 1 June 2012

Wooden Doll's House was a' Rockin'

What a great night the Boneshakers treated their audience to last Sunday at the Wooden Doll in North Shields.  And what a great music venue this riverside pub is fast becoming.

Russ Hird (guitar and vocals) dressed in an amazing leopardskin shirt was certainly ready to Rock 'n Roll.

Ronnie Semple (blues harp, backing vocals and band leader) in a black vest that showed off lots of his Boneshakin' brilliant tattoos was sure up for it.

Gordon Smiles (drums) ducked out of wearing a T-Shirt sporting silver luminous Boneshaker figures!  "Too Gay for Gordon" it would seem!

And Dave Hildreth (bass guitar) showed us 'the love' with a 'Caricatures of the Band Members' Boneshakers T-Shirt.

This was a night when oh so many local musicians came out to see the Boneshakers.  And in their own inimitable way, the band thanked them for coming along by inviting a host of guitarists and harpists up onto the stage.

Alan Byrne of This Machine fame played guitar on 'Call Me the Breeze', busking with the fabulous Boneshakers and taking on some sensational solos.

Stephen Brown, super blues harpist and huge follower of the Boneshakers, played on the band's very own version of 'Help Me'.

Davey Hunt of Keenan and Tommy and the Oddballs fame, played a fantastic guitar duet with Russ on 'How Blue Can You Get'.  The Boneshakers version of this massive BB King hit is amazing.  Link to the You Tube video below for the live footage of this number.  You'll sure never forget the gravel in Russ's voice or Ronnie's blues harp solo spots on 'How Blue...'

You'll never forget, either, Dave's bass solo and Gordon's drum solo on 'Messin' With the Kid'.

One of the 'hot spots' of the night was when Phil Martin of sensational Sticky Fingers fame went head to head on guitar with Russ on 'Tush',  'Walkin' Blues' and 'Crossroads'.

The other big 'hot spot' for me was the Boneshakers' version of The House is a'Rockin', that included a medley of sixties and seventies rock numbers.  You just gotta see this to believe it!

It was an evening filled with excitement.  The audience of blues and rock lovers, Boneshakers' avid followers and appreciative musicians was a fun-lovin' crowd who danced and rocked the night away.

All hail the Boneshakers.  What a superlative gig.

 I've heard, on the grapevine, that the Boneshakers are soon to pop along to Notes Recording Studio to cut another album.  I hope the rumours are true.  Their first album, 'Shaken and Stirred' was a resounding success and their next one is just bound to be a big winner.

See amazing footage of the Boneshakers in action on the following You-Tube links: - Walkin’ Blues with guest guitarist, Phil Martin me the Breeze (with guest guitarist Alan Byrne) - How Blue Can You Get (with guest guitarist Davey Hunt) - The House is a’Rocking - Tush (with guest guitarist Phil Martin)
Catch pix of the Wooden Doll gig on the Boneshakers' FACEBOOK PAGE.  Just type in 'The Boneshakers', 'like' the page - and you're IN!


You can view the Boneshakers' Forthcoming Gigs for the whole of 2012 right here on the blog - or view it on the Boneshakers' Facebook Page.

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